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Content strategy

Content strategy

A global beauty brand tasked us with delivering a content strategy and tools for creating content that converts in a current digital landscape of rapidly changing consumer needs and behaviour.



We based the marketing strategy on analytical insights to inform content creation and distribution that will bring a measurable business impact. We outlined a multi-channel content strategy that covers challenges and opportunities in the current market, audience groups and content maps to help create content that motivates the brand’s audience and increases the brand sentiment.

Results after 3 months

Results after 3 months

The content strategy helped to maximise the return on investment (ROI) in both organic and paid channel communications within three months from the start of implementation.

+ 45% 45%

Website traffic in crease YoY

+ 32% 32%

Ecommerce conversion rate increase YoY

+ 103% 103%

Ecommerce revenue increase YoY


+ 88% 88%

Conversion rate increase YoY

+ 1,733% 1,733%

Channel revenue increase YoY

+ 361% 361%

Traffic increase YoY

Organic Search

+ 42% 42%

Increase in Organic Search traffic increase YoY

+ 24% 24%

Increase in organic search channel conversion rate

+ 120% 120%

Increase in channel revenue