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1 week


TOPSHOP London Flagship store, Oxford Circus


4.32 m2




NO MORE accessories - Fomi - Tootaffy - Egy Boy - Bonboz - Le Slap - Babe Universe

We were excited to be invited to collaborate with WFMA in a week’s long pop-up at the TOPSHOP Flagship Store in London. For a young brand like us, it was a great opportunity to present ourselves to a wider market. WFMA made sure space was well presented and helped during the whole week of sales. It was a great collaboration and we definitely would come back and work with them again. Great people and great service.


In THE APARTMENT Christmas pop-up in the iconic TOPSHOP London Flagship store, we featured seven fashion brands including clothing, accessories, eyewear and the works of one painter. We aimed to give emerging designers and artists the opportunity to broaden their retail portfolio by showcasing their work to the fashion giant‘s global audience in London. 

The venue was chosen as a popular Christmas shopping destination of the target millennial market. We wanted to provide a way for brands to build a relationship with their London based customers in-person to increase customer engagement and loyalty as well as drive awareness of potential new audiences. 

After pitching our pop-up idea to TOPSHOP Events & Communications team, we realised the biggest challenge will be displaying products in a limited space of 4.32m2 while maintaining THE APARTMENT identity as a personal space to shop. Therefore, we have decided to use the top of the stall to display Lina Sokolovaite Art paintings while the tables and rails were used to display fashion clothing & accessories.

With no doubt, this was one of the most exciting collaborations. I was really happy to be part of THE APARTMENT x TOPSHOP flagship pop-up. During this week at TOPSHOP, WFMA made me feel like a part of a team as well as represented me in an exact manner I would have done myself! The only question is what’s next? I hope to collaborate in the future! Lina Sokolovaite Art